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School Partnerships

At Jackson Orthodontics, a core value is to support our community with an emphasis on strengthening our schools. We strive to go beyond being an orthodontic practice, by also being known for supporting the Steele Creek, Fort Mill, and Lake Wylie communities. We understand that schools need assistance to create the best atmosphere for educating our children.

The goal of the Jackson Orthodontics School Partnerships is to help enhance the education of children in our schools and to encourage students to thrive in positive activities. We believe in the old phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” It is our genuine hope that our partnering with schools will brighten the future for the current and future children of our community.

If your school or your school’s PTA would like to partner with Jackson Orthodontics, please contact Bryana Gose at [email protected]

Local Sports Sponsorship

As part of the Jackson Orthodontics’ mission, we are always striving to give back to our community. We want to encourage children to participate in positive activities inside and outside of school.

We feel it is important to support local youth and school sports. We believe competing and having fun by doing youth sports teaches team work, togetherness, and physical health. Since the start of our practice, we have always supported, sponsored, and been appreciative of our youth sports. We support the Steele Creek Athletic Association, the Palisades Piranhas, Olympic High School Football, Olympic High School baseball, volleyball, Fort Mill Lady Blues Softball, and many others. We hope that our sponsorships can help children have fun … and smile!

Jackson Orthodontics - Local Sports Sponsorship
Jackson Orthodontics - Local Sports Sponsorship
Jackson Orthodontics - Local Sports Sponsorship
Jackson Orthodontics - Local Sports Sponsorship

Supporting Local Charities

Each month, Jackson Orthodontics selects a Charlotte-area charity to be recognized as our Charity/Organization of the Month. We believe that our community needs to bond together to improve our community.

We continue to give back to our community and love to highlight other organizations that are striving to make a difference but may not get the attention of national charities. We select charities that are doing great things to change the lives of people here in the greater Charlotte area.

Each charity that we choose is often overlooked, and our goal is not only to offer a small donation, but raise awareness of the charities and highlight their great missions. Take a moment to learn more about these great organizations:

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